Why Woodfired?

Nov 22nd 2022

Maple sap needs to be boiled to develop the maple flavor. We add nothing to the sap, heat and time turn the clear sap into the sweet flavorful product we call maple syrup. So, why does wood-fired matter?

Since the Native Americans first started making maple syrup, wood has been the heat source. In addition to the tradition, wood heat is a renewable energy source. Many producers have switched to oil or gas for convenience and consistency. But we feel the variation in heat from wood produces a better tasting syrup. 
We use reverse osmosis to remove some of the water from the sap to conserve energy use, but not so much that we compromise the flavor of the finished syrup. There is no substitute for time and temperature to produce that wonderful Maple flavor. Some of the compounds that form the maple flavor require almost 4 hours of heat to develop.